1) Explain what is Joomla?

Ans) Joomla is a content management system. It allows you to build online applications and web sites. Joomla is an open source and available freely.

2) Explain what are mambots and mention their categories?

Ans)In Joomla mambots are mini-programmes or plugins, which performs programs like modifying content before display, extending the site search, adding core functionality and so on

3) List out the benefits of using Joomla?

Ans) Benefits of Joomla is
1.It is an open source software
2.Tons of free components are available in
3.Permission and user role are inbuilt with Joomla
4.It allows to update your old Joomla from the admin section
5.Templates are available free of cost and can apply with one click

4)What is the position in Joomla?

Ans) A site template divides the page into a number of positions like nav, header, footer, top, bottom, module1, etc. This is nothing but position..

5) What is Joomla Framework?

Ans) Framework is collection of open source software, where the Joomla CMS is built on. It developed for more flexibility and breaks the framework into single modular packages which helps each package to develop more easily.

6) What is Joomla Components?

Ans) Components are considered as mini applications. It consists of two parts i.e. Administrator and Site. Whenever a page gets loads, component is been called to render the body of main page. The Administrator part manages different aspects of the component and the site part helps in rendering the pages when request is made by site visitor. Components are main functional unit of joomla..

7)What is Joomla Modules?

Ans) Modules are an extension which is used to render the pages in Joomla. It is also used to display the new data from the component. It frequently looks like boxes such as login module. In Joomla administrator the modules are managed by the module manager. It displays the new content and images when module is linked to joomla components.

8)What is Joomla Plugins?

Ans) This is also a kind of Joomla extension; it is a very flexible and powerful for extending the framework. It contain a bit of codes that is used to execute the particular event trigger, it is commonly used to format the output of a component or module when page is built. The plugin functions which are associated with event are executed in a sequence when a particular event occurs.

9)What is the use of Breadcrumb Module in Joomla?

Ans) Breadcrumb is used to display the hierarchical representation of the navigation links so that the users can easily understand where he/she is in the website and allow them to navigate back.

10) What does Check In mean is article manager toolbar?

Ans) It check-in the particular selected article. Multiple articles can be checked-in.

11) What is the use of Meta Description in Joomla Menu Manager?

Ans) It is used as an optional paragraph which includes a description of the page and is displayed in the results of the search engines.

12) Explain how you change favicon?

Ans) By accessing global configuration site tab, you can manage favicon and upload a new favicon from there.

13) By default what is the prefix Joomla have?

Ans) Joomla have prefix like jos_

14) What is the prefix of WordPress tables by default?

Ans) By default, wp_ is the prefix for WordPress.

15) In Joomla cms what is the file where database setting are stored?

Ans) Database setting are stored in the root directory under configuration.php

16) Mention how many files are required to built module in Joomla?

Ans) mod_module_name.php

17)What happens if you set the SSL enabled option to on?

Ans)The link from the menu will begin with an https:// if you set the SSL enabled option to on

18) What is the use of Secure in Joomla Menu Manager?

Ans) It defines whether link must use SSL or Secure Site URL. It provides three options such as Off, On and Ignore.

19) What is does Hits column mean in article manager page?

Ans) It specifies the number of the times the item was viewed.

20) Which editor is used in Joomla?

Ans) TinyMCE Editor.

21) What does the Purchase Type column indicates in Banner Manager?

Ans) It indicates how the clients are purchasing the banners i.e. yearly or Monthly. By default it is monthly.

22) What is the use of Extension Manager in Joomla?

Ans) Extension Manager is used to extend the functionality of Joomla website.

23) What is Joomla Translations?

Ans) Joomla translations help in translation of language in Joomla core files. It helps in documentation and screens along with other task to meet the need of diverse language community.

24) What is the use of Module Class Suffix in Breadcrumb Module?

Ans) Setting this parameter causes Joomla to either add a new CSS class or modify the existing CSS class for the div element for this specific module.

25) What is Feed Display Module in Joomla?

Ans) Feed Display Module is used to show the RSS News Feeds from a website. It is a way to provide user with the updated content from other resources.

26) What is Footer Module?

Ans) Footer displays the information of the Joomla license and the copyright of the website.

27)What is Search Module?

Ans) Search Module is used to display a search box, where the user types a particular name to search the website.

28) Is there any possibility with Joomla to control a desktop application?

Ans) Most of the CMS ( Content Management System ) is considered as a web applications. However, even desktop application can also be communicated with Joomla server by following the standard protocols.

29) Explain what are content items, section and categories in Joomla?

Ans) Contents are the html pages which are managed by admin, and it may have rich text, CSS, JavaScript, Images, links to internal or external pages. While contents are categorized in categories, for example X category have zero or more contents pages While categories are again classified in section, means 1 section have zero or more categories

30) Explain how you can install an extension in Joomla?

Ans) From the backend of your Joomla site ( administration ) select installers and then the type of extension ( component, mambot/plugin, module, site template and so on )

  • First browse for the package file
  • Click the install icon
  • Follow instructions
  • For large extension, you cannot use the automated installer. In such case
  • Unzip all the files locally
  • In the install directory transfer the files to a folder
  • Then use installer to install the file

  • 31)In Joomla what determines the homepage?

    Ans) Joomla does not have html pages as such it is a database driven CMS (Content Management System), but rather pulls up the pieces of pages from a Mysql database. When you install Joomla by default, it has a menu link to the frontpage component as the home page. However, any component or content or another link can be used as a “home” page

    32) Is Joomla a Blog?

    Ans) Joomla can be used as a blog, but it way more powerful and feature rich compared to full-blown blog systems like WordPress. Joomla should be preferred when your requirements are more than just blogging

    33) What web services does Joomla Support?

    Ans) Joomla supports Remote Procedure Calls and XML-RPC services

    34)In Joomla how you can change the images in your template?

    Ans) To change the image in your template, go to

  • Go to Site
  • Select template manager and then select your template
  • Click the icon for html

  • 35) Explain what are the drawbacks of Joomla?

    Ans) The drawback of Joomla are

  • At times Joomla’s code can become messy, this will make page loading time longer
  • Its architecture limits how many levels of sub categories can be created

  • 36)Explain what are content items, section and categories in Joomla?

    Ans) Contents are the html pages which are managed by admin, and it may have rich text, CSS, JavaScript, Images, links to internal or external pages. While contents are categorized in categories, for example X category have zero or more contents pages While categories are again classified in section, means 1 section have zero or more categories.

    37)What is the use of Path to Log Folder under system setting?

    Ans) It gives a path to store the logs by Joomla. This path is automatically set up on Joomla installation and should not be changed.

    38) What is the use of Joomla Media Settings?

    Ans)Joomla Media Settings help to configure the global media files options such like file format, MIME specifications, upload of files, size of files etc.

    39)What is Language Manager?

    Ans) The Joomla language manager option is used to set the Native Title, Language Code, SEF Prefix, and Image Prefixes of the installed or to be installed languages.

    40) What is the use of Mass Emailing in Joomla?

    Ans) Mass Mail is used for sending emails to the group of registered users. Users can be selected based on groups.

    41) What is the use of Debug system section under debug setting?

    Ans) It is a debugging system of Joomla which provides debug information by setting it to "Yes". It provides some various forms such as diagnostic information, language translations and SQL errors.

    42) What is the use of <jdoc:include type="modules" name="top" /> in index.php while creating templates?

    Ans) The best reason not to hack the core files is that whatever you might be doing has to be reworked as a patch.

    43) What is Category Manager?

    Ans) Category Manager is used to create categories for the article which allow grouping your content better.

    44) What is the use of Read More button in TinyMCE editor?

    Ans) The red dotted line gets displayed in the editor. The further information part of the article gets displayed after the read dotted lines or sometimes it displays the entire article.

    45) What is article Metadata?

    Ans) Metadata describes details of the article in short. It makes easy to work with the particular data.

    46) What is Web Link Manager?

    Ans) The link resource is provided for user of the site and can be sorted into categories.

    47)Which is the PHP compatibility used for Joomla 3.x?

    Ans) PHP 5.4+ or PHP 5.3.10+

    48) What is Community Portal?

    Ans) Community Portal helps in bringing Joomla news from all over the world at one place.

    49) What is Rss?

    Ans) It stands for Really Simple Indication which syndicates your site contents and RSS files can be automatically updated.

    50) What is Media Manager?

    Ans) It is the tool for managing the media files and folder in which you can easily upload, organize and manage your media files into your article editor tool.